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How to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

We are now a couple weeks into 2021 and the division in the US is clear, we need to understand our differences more than ever.  As HR professionals, your job is to help employees contribute to the success of 2021 for your companies.  One of the best ways that can happen is by ensuring that communication lines across the company are strong and connected.  This is central to building a foundation of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

According to research conducted by “The Great Place to Work,” companies that are intentionally racially diverse have greater revenue growth than those who are much more homogeneous.  So, how do companies become places where diverse groups want to work?  Communication, cultural sensitivities, and understanding personality strengths and weaknesses are key to building a better place to work for all.  

For example, using personalities to illustrate communication styles, management styles, and personal strengths and challenges will help employees see their diverse experiences beyond racial and ethnic differences.  True Colors is how HR professionals can help managers and employees value the diversity that comes from a variety of personality preferences and strengths.  Introducing your organization to the True Colors methodology into your organization will help ensure a better start to a New Year.  

By using True Colors personality assessments and programs, managers can better understand why their primary blue team members spend more time engaged in relationship building than their primary green team members who would rather spend all their time working independently on a project.  As a manager understands these strengths and challenges, he or she will be able to better match employees with responsibilities that play to their strengths.  Another example would be inviting the primary gold team member to the innovation department of your organization and asking them to do whatever they want, whenever they want to.  It’s not that a primary gold member could not do this and be successful, however, this type of employee may be very frustrated with the lack of organization and structure in this environment which allows new ideas to flow.  We all know that everyone wants new ideas in 2021.  

Launch one of the best HR new ideas for 2021 and help management understand their employee’s needs and discover their team member’s greatest strengths, greatest challenges, and optimal communication styles.  True Colors International can help management and HR professionals design a program that can be customized to each corporation’s team for 2021.    Let our True Colors consultants develop a series of workshops, and training that will bring your “Diversity and Inclusion” work to another level.  Book a complimentary consultation today!