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Ready for Success? Take the True Colors Personality Test

True Colors Personality Test

Success begins with self-awareness. The True Colors Personality Test is an evidence-based assessment that will help you better understand your personality type.

You may measure success by your career trajectory, your financial stability, or the number of academic degrees you've completed.

You may measure success by the number of nights you're home to tuck your children into bed, how often you use your vacation days, or being able to prioritize your physical health with nutritious meals and regular exercise.

All of the above? Something else entirely? However, you measure success it begins with self-awareness. Optimal well-being requires an understanding of your personality type, decision-making style, and traits that come naturally or unnaturally to you.

If you are to thrive in this life — know your priorities, set and attain meaningful goals, etc. — a certain level of self-awareness is simply necessary.

The True Colors Personality Test

True Colors has more than 40 years of experience helping people like you find success — and it all starts with taking our True Colors Personality Test. We are the original, user-friendly temperament and personality typing program with the only valid and trustworthy True Colors Test out there.

Our online assessment will provide unique insights into your personality type and decision-making style using the True Colors proprietary methodology. It is the beginning of an amazing journey of self-awareness and improved communication that can benefit you in every area of your life.

You can take the True Colors Personality Test in approximately 15-20 minutes. Upon completion, you'll receive an in-depth, personalized 25+ page report about your unique personality spectrum.

What Will You Learn From Taking the True Colors Personality Test?

True Color Spectrum

We use colors — Orange, Gold, Green, and Blue — to differentiate the four central primary personality types and illustrate how these types best interact with each other.

And while a person’s primary color is important, few people function well using only their primary color’s attributes. Every individual uses all four of the color personality traits to differing degrees.

When you take the True Colors Personality Test, you'll learn your full-color spectrum. Or in other words, you'll learn what your most to least dominant personality traits are. You’ll also gain invaluable insight into your unique combination of personality traits.

Natural Strengths to Lean Into

Your dominant color, or personality traits, revealed by the True Colors Personality Test will indicate your natural strengths. These are characteristics of your personality where you shine.

There's no right or wrong strength.

For instance, some personalities function best when pursuing detail-oriented projects in a quiet atmosphere. They may enjoy a routine they can depend on. Another personality may function

much better when strategizing about the big picture. They may enjoy more change in their schedule with no two days looking alike.

The world needs both.

When you know your natural strengths, you can intentionally lean into them. From career choice to volunteer activities, self-awareness will help you make meaningful decisions about what to pursue.

Natural Weaknesses to Improve

Your least dominant color, or personality traits, revealed by the True Colors Personality Test will indicate your natural weaknesses. These are characteristics of your personality that simply don't come naturally. You can — and do — use them, but it requires more energy.

Rather than seeing this in a negative light, armed with the knowledge of your least dominant color you can acknowledge areas where growth is required to best achieve success.

Let's go back to the two different personalities mentioned in the section above.

Prefer a structured routine? Come up with a comforting mantra to say to yourself when your plans are abruptly changed. Possibly: "This isn't what I had planned, but it's okay. It may even be better."

Feel stifled by a predictable routine? When faced with a more "boring" work week than usual don't get bogged down by it. Maybe you have an especially meeting-heavy week with one Zoom call after another. Do what you can to work breaks into your day. Take walks. Grab coffee. Anything to move from your desk and diversify your day.

And More

When you take the True Colors Personality Test, you'll also learn about your unique communication style, insight into your self-image vs. other people's perceptions of you, and ways to best manage time, stress, and more considering your unique personality.

You can take the online assessment and even schedule a time to review your report with a True Colors expert.

In the optional 45-minute, one-on-one session, you will discuss your unique personality and communication style. During the discussion, you will also gain further insights into work styles, career choices, family dynamics, and more.

Ready for success?