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The Blue Type

One of the key components of how we each learn is our unique personality type. Each personality type comes with its own learning style. Each personality or True Colors type has specific values, joys, strengths and needs — particularly learning needs.

Understanding and teaching to individuals where they can best connect and receive information is more important than ever. To most effectively reach each student where they learn best, True Colors offers teaching and training programs to learn a proprietary temperament model. .

Educators who use True Colors with students see improved student achievement, higher engagement, and improved communication. The methodology is made fun and memorable by using four distinct colors: Orange, Gold, Green and Blue to mark the four primary personality types.

Here are a few quick tips to help each educator and learner thrive in this new learning environment we are now facing. This information provides global ideas that can help you better work with different teaching and learning styles when using virtual learning.  Today we are introducing Blues! Remember to come back each day for the other colors tips.

To take our online personality assessment to get a small taste of how you can help colorize the world Click Here!