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True Colors Public Workshops

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True Colors Parenting Workshop

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Customized to the needs and goals of your family, the first step in the True Colors process is to help you understand yourself.

Participants in the True Parenting Workshop gain knowledge of the complete True Colors proprietary personality temperament model and learn how to apply these principles to parenting and family dynamics — helping to improve communication and trust with every child and family member in your household. 

This workshop dives into practical strategies to parent children more effectively. We help caregivers learn how to raise each child in a way that speaks to their true personality while building the trust needed to positively influence growth and development. In addition, True Parenting Workshop participants will discover how each child and family member influences the behaviors of one another in the home.

Any parent, guardian, or caregiver will greatly benefit from understanding the principles of True Parenting.

 True Parenting Workshop Outcomes
  • Understanding of how personality differences lead to unique behaviors in children
  • Awareness of the values, joys, strengths, and needs of each of your children’s personality types
  • New methods to build and promote respect and self-confidence in your children
  • Enhanced parenting skills in communication, motivation, discipline, and building self-esteem
  • Deepened family relationships
  • A more harmonious home environment

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True Athletic Coaching Workshop

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In the True Colors Athletic Coaching Workshop, we’ll introduce coaches to our proprietary concepts in personality and temperament styles. Then, we’ll focus on practical and useful activities that apply to coaching, such as ways to lead by demonstrating a positive mindset, building up the strengths — and improving the weaknesses — of each player; and utilizing better goal setting and training strategies for your athletes. 

Our True Colors Athletic Coaching Workshop is valuable for virtually every youth sports organization:

  • K-12 school athletic coaches
  • Non-school athletic organization coaches
  • Competitive youth coaches
  • Non-competitive youth coaches
  • Higher education athletic coaches
 True Athletic Coaching Workshop Outcomes
  • An understanding of how personality differences lead to various behaviors in athletes, parents, and coaches
  • Improved communication that decreases conflict and increases unity
  • New methods to promote respect and self-confidence
  • The knowledge and tools necessary to bring out the best in each of your athletes based upon their unique personalities and temperaments
  • Healthier, happier, and more committed players
  • Enhanced parental cooperation and support
  • A stronger, more unified team
  • Improved player retention in, and enjoyment of, the sports we all love