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Experience Professional Development in K-12 Education

Every educator has had to pivot and adapt over this past year.  Some did it with grace and others found it difficult and challenging.  As School  Administrators tasked with the responsibility of helping teachers and students be successful, you, too, have had to pivot and adapt to meet the ever-changing landscape of education in a pandemic world.  


You witnessed some teachers move fluidly with the change as if they loved new challenges and thrived on the chaotic moments that came with this past year.  You saw other teachers become encouragers and comforters for the students and fellow colleagues who were struggling through the changes.  And you admired teachers who got busy organizing every aspect of their Zoom classrooms, ensuring that no student would be neglected or lost in this year-long transition.


It has been difficult, but as the administrator in your school, you are figuring out what it takes to survive and thrive in this COVID-19 world.  As you plan for professional development for all your educators in these next few months, why not do something fun, entertaining, and even educational for your hard-working teachers and administrators at your school?  True Colors for K-12 Educators would be the perfect program for a one-day professional development day experience for your organization.  


Through an engaging program, True Colors professional facilitators create a customized workshop that invites your team to understand each person’s natural temperament and help them magnify their strengths and recognize their areas of growth.  Discovering the leaders within your team who are encouragers helps you point people towards those members when they just need someone to vent to.  Understanding the leaders who thrive on the challenges helps you know who to turn to when you experience challenges that require creative thinking.  As you get to know each person’s temperament, you can use that knowledge to build a stronger team for the students in your schools.  


With one of the top classroom challenges for teachers being “balancing diverse learning needs,” this type of workshop can help your team understand more about the diversity of learning styles within their students.  They will walk away with more tools to teach and you’ll walk away with teachers ready to engage.


For your professional development day, contact a True Colors expert today and set up a free consultation for a great experience that will keep your teachers engaged and give them a new set of skills to transform the culture of your learning environment.