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The Orange Type

True Colors provides a framework to help each individual better understand themselves and others as unique individuals with their own styles and preferences. We invite you to learn how True Colors can help provide support and solutions for students, teachers, parents and community members. We are in this together and our children are an important ingredient in the recipe for a great future. We can all play a positive role in the development of the children around us. We challenge you to remember to treat young people as though they are the person you want them to become.  When we do this, we help all children thrive, achieve and become an exceptional person to let their bright light shine in the world.

Here are a few quick tips to help each educator and learner thrive in this new learning environment we are now facing. This information provides global ideas that can help you better work with different teaching and learning styles when using virtual learning. Today we are sharing tips for Orange!

To take our online personality assessment to get a small taste of how you can help colorize the world Click Here!