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Want to Work for Yourself? A Need for Flexibility, Coupled with Pandemic Job Losses, May Lead to More Female Entrepreneurs

Side Job, Work for Yourself, Make Money OnlineWhether you’ve been working for yourself for years, are just getting started with your own business, or are interested in a meaningful side job, True Colors can help deliver more value for your clients.


Have you heard the term “shecession,” yet? Coined by C Nicole Mason, president and chief executive of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, the term highlights how women have been affected by job and income losses more than men during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The National Women’s Law Center reports that “in January, 275,000 women left the labor force, meaning they are no longer working or looking for work. The total number of women who have left the labor force since the start of the pandemic reached over 2.3 million last month, leaving women’s labor force participation rate — the percent of adult women who are either working or looking for work — at 57.0%. Before the pandemic, women’s labor force participation rate had not been this low since 1988.”


The report goes on to explain that the overall unemployment rate masks even higher rates for Black women, Latinas, and other demographic groups and that many of the women who are working are not getting the hours they want or need.


Troubling indeed, but there may be a silver lining: A rise in female entrepreneurs.


This rise happened in America after the 2008 recession and today — when flexibility is needed more than ever — it could happen again. “This is a critical time for all women to determine if entrepreneurship is the next step on their career path,” explains a Forbes article on the topic.


Certified True Colors Facilitators Find Success


True Colors has long been a critical tool in many successful entrepreneurs’ toolboxes. Take Tracey Glenn, President of GlennView Strategies, for example:


“My husband and I started our business, GlennView, together about 11 years ago. We provide business consulting, specializing in governmental affairs, strategic planning, and leadership development. True Colors has been an integral part of the leadership development component of our business, as I have provided workshops for many organizations and businesses over the years.


“During the summer of 2020, I decided to take advantage of our forced slow down and invest in myself to attend additional True Colors certification workshops. I was able to add Conflict Navigation, Virtual Facilitation, and True Teaching and Learning Styles to my existing advanced applications of Communication and Team Building. The addition of these new certifications helped me to earn the Elite Facilitator status.”


Already a True Colors Facilitator when the pandemic started, Tracey saw the value in the programming and took the time the pandemic offered her to grow in this area of her business. She is now one of only 11 Elite Facilitators in the U.S.


“In the business world,” Tracey explains, “anything you can do to set yourself apart is good for the bottom line. I recently had the opportunity to facilitate a virtual workshop for True Colors International due to my Elite Facilitator status. I’ve also seen interest from my clients in my new content offerings.”


True Colors is just as useful for someone new to entrepreneurship. Becoming a True Colors Facilitator provides you with the tools, resources, and community you need to deliver transformative workshops to your clients and experience real and immediate benefits for your business.


Karli Sherman started Karli Sherman Productions over the winter and becoming a Certified Facilitator with True Colors was one of her goals for her first year of business.


“Once I started my own business as a speaker, leadership coach, and executive coach I knew I wanted to level up my training and skills,” said Karli. “I am so grateful for the True Colors program and staff; it has really made a difference in the services I’m able to offer and made professional development more accessible for so many people.


“I believe intensely in personality typologies, like True Colors, because of their ability to help people reflect, learn about themselves and their teammates, and level up professionally. This program is timeless, fun, and (thankfully) works whether you’re in-person or in a virtual setting! It has been so nice to have a program I could deliver at a moment’s notice in either setting. It’s added a lot of value to my business as a selling point, as a training tool, and as a foundation for my strengths-based coaching.”


Demetria Anderson, Director of Engagement and Inclusion at Marquette University, established PPOD Consulting as a side job in November and is grateful to utilize True Colors in her work.


“As someone who works with college students, understanding and teaching others how to harness the power of leadership skill development has been a part of my daily work for more than twenty years,” said Demetria. “Given the current state of affairs, and potential volatility of the higher education enterprise, it is even more important now than perhaps ever before to ensure that these pivotal skills are shared with others.


“For the year that has been consumed by the pandemic, more of the world has shifted to digital and virtual work environments. This has provided unique opportunities to serve as a virtual facilitator, educator, and team builder in ways that while practical, would have been less appreciated or validated in times prior to now. I have enjoyed bringing True Colors to teams of individuals through sessions that aid them in understanding themselves, while also acknowledging the value and honoring the differences of others.


“The pandemic has certainly kept us apart, but in some ways it has forced us to cultivate new and meaningful means of coming together. As an independent consultant, I am grateful for that.”


Let Us Help You on Your Entrepreneurial Journey


No matter what entrepreneurship looks like to you, if you’re interested in coaching and consulting True Colors can help. Whether you’ve been working for yourself for years, are just getting started with your own business, or are interested in a meaningful side job, we can help deliver transformative change for your clients. Consult with a True Colors expert today!