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Seeking a New Job? Discover Your Career Personality First

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If you want to find a job that aligns with your values, strengths, and interests, you need to know your career personality.

Unhappy with your current job? Want more from your professional life? Wish your work is better aligned with your values?

Then now is the time to discover your career personality and change your vocation. The workplace continues to evolve (check out these 2022 trends) and today’s labor market favors the worker.

BBC’s article How the Great Resignation is turning into the Great Reshuffle explains how workers aren’t just leaving the workforce, but are changing their careers to better fit their needs and personalities:

“Workers – globally, in many instances – aren’t just leaving the workforce; millions of people are reconfiguring their careers. Some are leveraging the current hiring crisis to get into better positions. Others have decided to work for themselves – with the number of self-employed workers in the US rising by 500,000 since the pandemic. Many more, however, are simply shifting into new industries and careers that offer higher wages or align more with their values.”

Knowing Your Career Personality Will Make a Difference in Your Job Search

If you want to find a job that aligns with your values, strengths, and interests, a certain level of self-awareness is required. You first need to understand the aspects of work that you enjoy so you can then pursue jobs that fit your personality in addition to paying your bills.

Ask yourself: What types of work do I thrive at? What projects get me excited and motivated?

On the other hand, ask yourself: What types of work do I struggle with? What projects drain me and make me want to avoid my professional responsibilities?

Some professionals need a great amount of independence and thrive while working alone. If this is your case, and you’ve been working in an office environment surrounded by colleagues your entire career, you may not even realize how much happier and more productive you could be in a different working environment.

Other professionals thrive from group energy and collaboration. Maybe this is you, but your current career path has you sitting alone in front of a monitor every day. You still may be interested in the content of your work, but you won’t thrive or enjoy your workdays as you could.

Other questions to ask yourself, include:

  • What topics, industries, or causes am I passionate about?
  • Do I enjoy remote work or require in-person interaction?
  • Do I want travel to be a part of my career or not?
  • What size company or organization am I most comfortable working within?
  • Is entrepreneurship appealing to me?

How Can True Colors Help You Discover Your Career Personality?

True Colors has more than 40 years of experience uncovering why people behave and react the way they do.

We offer an Online Personality Assessment that provides unique insights into participants’ personality types and decision-making styles through the True Colors proprietary methodology lens. This lens takes the most important concepts presented in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and distills them into a user-friendly, fun, and — most important — practical tool.

After you take our Online Personality Assessment, you’ll receive an in-depth, personalized 25+ page report about your unique personality spectrum.

This information will help you better understand your strengths and preferences, as well as your weaknesses and dislikes. Armed with this knowledge, the aspects of work that you enjoy and thrive at will become clearer than ever.

Be Your True Self

True Colors CEO Robert Cook wrote, “We are all unique individuals with our own personalities, values, strengths, and stressors. We each have gifts to share with the world — the greatest gift being one’s true self.”

Being one’s true self applies to both your personal and professional life. Your wellbeing will increase and, as a result, how you interact with friends, family members, and colleagues will improve.

As you seek a new job, do yourself a favor and take the time to discover your career personality. Soon you’ll be pursuing a career where you can be your true self and give your talents and strengths to the world.

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