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Teachers, Students, and Parents working Better Together

“Mom, I just want you to know that I didn’t get a good grade yesterday on my exam.  I didn’t time it right and my teacher told me to just pick answers on the last few questions.  I’ve reached out to her and I promise that I am going to do better next time.  I’m also asking to see if I can take it again so I can time it better.”  This is how my 14-year old son approached me, knowing I would be disappointed with his performance. His brightest color is GREEN, like mine, and he knew how to approach me using logic and the facts.  Although I was upset with him, I was secretly impressed that he had thought through the potential responses I would give.  


Understanding his teacher as a bright GOLD, I knew that her strength was teaching him how important it is to organize his time in a way where he would succeed.  I could see that she wanted him to appreciate the importance of the rubric of rules.  Even though GOLD is not my strongest color, I respected her strengths in this area and found it a gift for my child to learn these values as well.  Parents, teachers and students can work better when they respect these unique attributes of each person’s personalities and learn to play to the strengths, and not focus on the weaknesses.


TRUE COLORS is a proven methodology for identifying and understanding these strengths that are part of each person’s temperament.  In education, I have found that comprehending the meaning and the drivers behind their TRUE COLORS profiles can give parents, students and teachers an advantage as we work together to make sure the student is successful.  The True Colors Youth Online Assessment can help teachers and parents understand the student’s brightest color in relation to the other colors that are part of the personality.  By identifying the student’s True Colors spectrum, the parent/teacher team can work together to build a home and school environment that plays to the students strengths and helps them adapt in areas of weakness.


In addition, helping students understand the teacher’s brightest colors and the parent’s brightest colors also teaches the student skills for navigating relationships with different personality types.  The True Colors Online Assessment, along with a training workshop for parents and teachers, can help support a student’s esteem and set him/her/them up for long-term success.  Find a FACILITATOR today who can help you create a training best for your parent/student/teacher team so that all can work together to make a difference.

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