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The Best Costume Color

Education1-scaled (1)I’d dress up as Siri for Halloween if my life didn’t already entail being asked stupid questions all day. – Unknown (GREEN)

Halloween is the best time to try on other personalities different from our own.  For example, I loved being glamorous and gaudy on Halloween.  I would adorn myself with lots of jewelry, more make-up than I could ever imagine and dresses I would never wear to church.  It was always FUN, INSPIRING and a little ADVENTUROUS to do something outside my comfort zone and Halloween was the perfect reason to do it.  Like the quote above though, I am a much more natural GREEN personality who is less fun, but definitely filled with information and honestly, I loved to be asked questions.  

Every person has a strong personality that they are comfortable with as they live their everyday lives.  These personalities drive them to offer their best in work, in family, and in everyday living.  But, then they see people who have personality traits that they wished they had.  

Another example came the other night when a friend was describing how art flowed from her mind through her hands onto the canvas.  The older friend listening to her said, “I really wish I could do that.  Painting is definitely not my gift.”  What I wanted to tell her is that, “It may not be your gift, but if you want, you can make something beautiful, too, just in a different way.”

TRUE COLORS helps you identify your primary gifts, where you feel most comfortable.  But everyone has all the whole COLOR spectrum within them.  It’s just that some colors come more naturally than others.  Everyone has the opportunity to test and use the gifts of their secondary colors, too.  Like on Halloween, pulling the “FUN and BOISTEROUS” part of my ORANGE color gives me a chance to appreciate this part of my personality and I appreciate this part of other people’s personalities even more, too.  But, I know I’ll go back to being my primary GREEN on Monday.

This proven method of understanding the whole spectrum of skills, knowledge and gifts in your personality is a great way to learn more about yourself and others.  TRUE COLORS Personality Assessments are a fun, easy and a quick way to get the conversations going when you know about your colors.  Take a PERSONAL SUCCESS ASSESSMENT today and get your friends to join you!  Have a TRUE COLORS Party and discover who you can be next year when Halloween rolls back around again.