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The Working Parent PIVOT

Working Parent

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic Lock-Down parents have been required to pivot into this strange world that has combined work, parenting, partnering and more.  Most of us found it a novel thing the first couple weeks.  Our primary ORANGE kids LOVED the fact that they didn’t have to be at school in person.  Our primary BLUE parents were thrilled with the fact that they could be closer to their kids and spend more quality time with each child.  I loved seeing the news about a mother who had organized her children’s rooms into educational spaces with desks, computers, notebooks and even whiteboards right at their fingertips.  This was clearly a primary GOLD mom who knew how to get it done and get her children focused and in line.  Just because they were at home didn’t mean they were going to ignore the rules of the school.

About the third month into the pandemic when people were starting to realize things weren’t going to go back to “normal,” anytime soon, challenges started arising.  Those primary ORANGE kids weren’t loving the fact that they could barely leave their homes and all sports were cancelled.  Even the primary GREEN kids who were loving the independent reading and research time were starting to get a bit antsy because they soon discovered they were smarter than their parents.  Life at home had become much more difficult to navigate as each person had to deal with their own emotions, frustrations, disappointments and new realities.  Juggling work, school and marriage may have seemed easy at first for the spontaneous and quick-on-his feet primary ORANGE dad of the house.  But, primary BLUE mom was starting to feel unappreciated and criticized for everything that went wrong and she wasn’t holding it together very easily anymore.

What they all needed was a little bit of TRUE COLORS understanding.  If they could understand what helps family members feel better or feel worse, they may have been able to avoid the fights and come to greater unity as a family.  That’s what the TRUE COLORS system can do for you as a parent and as a family.  A proven process that has helped individuals and families understand who they are and why they do the things they do, TRUE COLORS can open the emotional intelligence of all of your family members.  Learn more about ways where you can have greater success navigating your own feelings and the personalities of all the people around you.  Schedule a personal assessment for each family member today!