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Love Is In the Air

Valentine’s Day is this weekend and one of the best things about relationships is discovering all the little things that excite us as we get to know one another.  Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a long time or you are just getting to know that special someone in your life, there is so much to learn that it takes a lifetime to appreciate the depth of a person’s soul.

Where do those sweet characteristics of a person that make you fall in love with them in the first place come from?  For example, you love the way your sweetheart notices all the little things that you do for them, like cooking their favorite meal when they have had a bad day or giving them a neck rub when you mention your stiff neck.  Or you have fallen in love with your partner’s brilliant mind.  You love the depth in which your partner thinks about the way things work in the world and the curiosity your partner exhibits about nature, technology, or even politics.  Maybe you are the person who loves the way this new person in your life takes on any adventure thrown their way.  They are willing to drop everything and go exploring with you in a heartbeat.  You’ve hiked mountains together, taken on the craziest whitewater rivers, and checked out some of the most exotic cities in the world and that’s what makes you love this person more.

Each of these actions stems from their interests and passions that are at the heart of their personality temperaments.  In the beginning, most couples find these characteristics exciting and thrilling because they see their common interests and they see the positive aspects of their differences.  But, these same temperaments can drive couples apart when they become too intense or under-appreciated.  Communication becomes the key to keeping things fresh and alive in relationships.  If you don’t understand how each other communicates, then challenges can lead to frustrations and frustrations can lead to giving up.

Before you get there, take a moment to understand more about your Valentine’s personality and learn more about your own.  The True Colors personality assessment is a great resource from the True Colors methodology training tool kit that will give you insights about the language and communication tools you need to strengthen your relationship and come back to the place where you again appreciate those sweet things that brought you together, to begin with. Set up a date night where you and your partner take the personality assessment here and then reach out to a facilitator to help you both come back to the butterflies and sweet kisses that brought you together to start.