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Organizations are healthier when everyone feels understood, is fully engaged, and works together. True Colors is a transformative personal development process for healthcare professionals and administrators that can also be shared with every patient.


Transformative Healthcare Solutions for Every Facility

Absolutely. If employees don’t feel connected, heard and appreciated, how can they be expected to show up as their very best selves? Your employees are the heartbeat of your facility. If they are not operating at their best, patients don’t receive the quality service they need. It takes a collaborative team effort among healthcare professionals to provide the best patient care.

Applying the True Colors methodology to a healthcare environment allows professionals to view patients as individuals with a unique set of needs and stressors. Your team learns a language of understanding and empathy so your patients will feel more understood and appreciated. That is true patient care.

Patient care demands alone can be stressful and frustrating for healthcare providers. Combine these challenges with staff conflicts, personality clashes, and ineffective communication and it becomes even harder to deliver excellence. True Colors programs improve teamwork, cooperation, employee relationships and effective communication. This leads to increased satisfaction in the workplace and more compassionate, quality patient care.

“The team learned an awful lot about each other, and I have noticed, minor behavioral changes in individuals that positively impact their interactions with the team.”


~ Kristina Kanellopoulos | 

Sr. Director, Medical Science Liaisons, Medical Affairs, CTI BioPharma Corp.

Engaging, interactive, and practical for organizations of all sizes, True Colors workshops lead participants through our temperament methodology. Participants learn how their unique personality affects their professional and personal relationships. These insights can be very powerful, especially as the success of a healthcare organization depends on effective communication and collaboration.

The Personal Success Certification Training is the foundation of the True Colors system. Once completed, you can choose to build upon what you have learned by continuing your True Colors journey through Advanced Applications which explore specific areas in more depth. 

"With the ever-changing demands of the healthcare industry, having engaged teams and effective communication is crucial to our success. Attending the True Colors trainings provided a deeper level of awareness our staff needed in order to recognize the unique contributions they, along with their teammates, bring to our organization. When our teams are aligned, we are better equipped to care for our patients.

True Colors was a solid investment in our biggest asset, our people, and it will serve as foundational tool that continues to unify us with our core values: Servant Leadership, Interaction with Our Teams and Providing Superior Services"


~ Kristi Fredieu, MBA
Director of Marketing, The Therapy Center

Healthcare Providers


Healthcare provider


True Colors Enhances:
  • Collaboration
  • Stress management skills
  • Empathy for patients
  • Resiliency to challenges
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Communication skills between co-workers and patients
  • Respect & trust building between co-workers and patients

Healthcare Administrators

Healthcare administrator


True Colors Helps You:
  • Build a spirit of trust and understanding
  • Motivate and inspire people
  • Enhance collaborative relationships
  • Resolve conflict
  • Build a strong, cohesive team
  • Cultivate skills to move your agenda forward


Effective teamwork brings new ideas, helps solve problems, and increases collaboration. This engaging training explores the nuances of effective team building and helps departments build more effective teams.

Bring True Colors to Your Healthcare Organization