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Team Building 


The Challenge

The ability of individuals to perform together effectively is essential to any organization’s success. Effective teamwork brings new ideas, helps solve problems and increases efficiency.  Ineffective teamwork destroys productivity and performance. We specialize in addressing the primary causes of miscommunication and conflict so that every level of your organization can learn collaboration and productive teamwork.


of employees and executives believe lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project.

Key Results Include:

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How True Colors Can Help

Since everyone is unique and communicates differently, working together as a team can be challenging. We help organizations build more collaborative teams by either teaching inefficient teams to be more productive or helping efficient teams reach their optimal best. Our methodology facilitates team building by helping members understand not only their own strengths and challenges, but also those of their teammates.

The True Colors Process

Self-discovery is the beginning of the True Colors process. Customized to the needs and goals of your organization, our first step is to help you take every team member through a True Colors workshop of self-discovery.

From day one, we’ll work hand in hand with you to ensure your people gain a full understanding of our personality profiling language. This shared language creates greater self-awareness and appreciation of others. Outcomes are improved communication, reduced conflict, greater collaboration, and improved teamwork.

Together, we can improve every interaction between every employee in your organization. We empower your teams to meet challenges creatively and collaboratively.

Contact us now to start enhancing your company culture.