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We LOVED Marlo!!! She was an amazing facilitator and everyone felt that it was a truly value added session!!!!!!! The combination of Marlo as facilitator and the True Colors content was a killer combo and the whole group was still talking and applying the learning from last Friday!!! We couldn’t be happier!


Marcelino Zayas Vendrell HR Director, CSS CE&S HR  | Microsoft

My True Colors experience has been incredible since I became a Certified Facilitator. I use the True Colors template and approach every day in my therapeutic and coaching work. It adds a wonderful layer to the framework I use and informs my thinking in a really valuable way. True Colors makes my work richer and has had an amazing effect on the organizations I work with every day.

Gail Paterson | LifeWorks

Being open and passionate and fearless are some of our key values at MetroStar. We’ve always followed and pursued them. We don’t see a failure as an error or a mistake. They are an opportunity to learn so the True Colors’ framework fits so well into our organization’s psyche and culture.


John Gianopoulos | MetroStar Training Manager, Metrostar

We used True Colors to facilitate cooperation among the military services by learning new ways to communicate with each other based on various personality types. True Colors allowed us to overcome some of the unique challenges that we faced due to our individual differences.

Tonya Abrams | EEO Specialist, Andrews Air Force Base

What led me to get certified in True Colors was the credibility of True Colors Intl. It’s the easiest to work with and just makes sense. I have taken other assessments; however True Colors Intl. provides the most comprehensive products that are applicable in work and home settings.

Maurice “Mo” Robinson | Office of Strategic Planning and Performance Improvement, U.S. Department of the Treasury

True Colors is a key foundational piece in Innovation Credit Union’s culture. All of our staff experience a True Colors workshop with our certified True Colors facilitators to learn and strengthen their understanding of communication, listening, and working styles within the True Colors spectrum, which also carries into their personal lives. Not only is True Colors easy to incorporate into our culture, it is also easy to foster into the future.


Amy Schmidt | Talent Development Specialist, Innovation Credit Union

After utilizing other temperament theory programs in the past, True Colors has revolutionized the way our team communicates.  It has built a foundation of understanding, patience, and a willingness to consider another perspective.  Furthermore, it continues to buffer frustrations and enhance team dynamics.



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Loni Meiborg | Executive Director,  Fortifi Bank

There are so many misunderstandings these days and buzz words thrown around, True Colors builds a common language and the same understanding of that language throughout the organization. True Colors builds connection and resonates with everybody! Every organization should have it!

Brenda Huizinga | Senior Manager Leadership and Development/Human Resources, Servus Credit Union

When we start talking about equity and race, it’s really sensitive. True Colors is safe. It’s a safe way to have sensitive conversations, to start with the less difficult topics and move teams towards the more difficult topics.

Annie Wimbish | Partner & Executive Consultant for Leadership Solutions Group, LLC

Twenty-plus years I’ve been facilitating True Colors. I have former clients that are still talking True Colors language because of the impact it had on them. They are able to work well together, respectfully disagree, and use that shared language. True Colors will always be my default choice for helping people relate better to one another.

Marlo Thomas Watson | President/Chief Engagement Officer for The Marlo Companies, Inc

True Colors participants gain the language needed to have more productive dialogue. We teach teams dialogic technique and then how to utilize True Colors to have that productive dialogue.


Valerie Holmes | Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Prairie View A&M University

ln the past, 30-50% of the students dropped out of our alternative school. This year, using True Colors, only three kids dropped out of 75 in the program.

Steve Bridge | Principal, Elma High School

The True Colors Personal Success workshop prepared my staff to think about how to improve our communications, both internally and externally. The training prompted us to be more self-aware in our communications and interactions. The facilitator provided opportunities to ask questions about issues related to our strengths that were new and we came away with many new skills that can be applied in our daily lives. The facilitator did an excellent job of keeping us engaged and focused, and explaining the concepts in a relevant way. The workshop helped us to acknowledge the team’s different personalities and how our various personality colors can benefit the team and the university.

Uni Texas

Felecia Burns | Director of Accounting, University of Texas Permian Basin

A tool that was trialed and became the standard for our program is True Colors. The social nature of the instrument also provided an appropriate lead into the curriculum to follow, which involved working extensively with others, either individually or in teams. In addition, the True Colors tool was simpler and less expensive to administer.







Dr. Frank Herron | Assistant Superintendent, Red Lion Area School District, Red Lion, PA

True Colors has had a major influence on our ability to work together to achieve goals and to appreciate what each individual brings to the table. It is the heart of our team-building and diversity training. We also use True Colors to teach our sales staff how to sell to the different personality types.

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Nikki Hanna | Vice President, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Oklahoma

The team learned an awful lot about each other, and I have noticed, minor behavioral changes in individuals that positively impact their interactions with the team.




Kristina Kanellopoulos | Sr. Director, Medical Science Liaisons, Medical Affairs, CTI BioPharma Corp.

True Colors helped nurses work together to meet their patients’ needs during an increasingly difficult time in healthcare. I didn’t know what to expect in this team building training but we got so much out of it. A tool that was trialed and became the standard for our program is True Colors.


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 Thelma Armstrong | Nursing Instructor, Los Angeles College of Nursing

Participants connected quickly and easily with the principles of True Colors and reported that they felt it easier to understand than the MBTi. True Colors was chosen for a number of reasons, including the ability to easily self-administer the assessment along with individuals’ immediate connection to the principles covered by the tool.

Melissa Koehle | Special Projects, Interior Health Authority

True Colors takes an interesting and engaging approach to talk about differences and enables teams to identify ways to improve communication and build trust. Our team at Shortcut loved the workshop and often reference True Colors when interacting with colleagues or when making decisions on how to communicate certain messages.

Emilio J. Javier | Director of People Operations, Shortcut Software Company

We had True Colors come in for our yearly corporate meeting and it was a big hit! It was very interactive, entertaining, and informative. Everyone enjoyed the change of pace, and the information they walk away with goes a long way.



Monica E. Gomez | Polymers Americas, Refining & Chemicals – Polymers Americas

Thanks so much for taking the time to deliver our True Colors session today. I've always enjoyed these kinds of introspective exercises but it is a treat for me to watch the people I've gathered at Vigilant go through the process. Everyone always seems to respond to these things differently. From the people who are as far from introspection as you can get seeming like they've had some "awakening" to the folks who get to understand a little bit about why someone else doesn't respond to the things they need the way they expect. I believe that introspection and self-improvement are the path to true fulfillment and enlightenment. They really are a superpower if you can get comfortable with growth, as it is sometimes a messy process. Being able to plant even the tiniest seed of this energy into people who are sometimes not at all actively working at introspection or self-awareness is tremendous. The True Colors training was a great deal of fun but also highly valuable. That's the best kind of learning.

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Terry Hussey | CEO, Vigilant Atlantic

True Colors gave us a foundation for understanding why we’re different and helped us understand that it’s okay to be different. It also provided us with information on how to communicate with other personality types, their strengths and challenges, and how they see the world. True Colors is an excellent tool for the journey into self-discovery.

Betty Conroy | President, Betty Conroy Consulting

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