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Elevate Your Financial Literacy with True Colors & Eric Smith

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Ready to Master Your Money?

Learn more about our financial literacy workshops and how we can help you achieve your financial goals.

Financial Empowerment Session

Learn to:
  • Overcome common money hurdles

  • Increase your savings

  • Reduce your debt

  • Plan confidently for retirement

Our expert-led, interactive sessions will equip you with practical strategies for financial success. Join us to start your journey toward financial freedom today.



Event Highlights

  • Hands-On Activities

    Dive into engaging, action-packed experiences.

  • Customizable Content

    Tailor the event to fit your group's unique needs.

  • Comprehensive Knowledge

    We've got you covered from banking and insurance to taxes and retirement!

Who Should Attend?

Our workshops are perfect for anyone who wants to improve their financial literacy, regardless of their current level of knowledge or experience.  Whether you're part of an organization, school, or team or just eager to enhance your financial literacy, this session is for you!

Why Join Us?

  • Engaging Experience

    Brace yourself for a high-energy, interactive session where you'll become a money master!

  • Expert Insights

    Benefit from the expertise of Eric Smith, the guru of financial empowerment.

  • Practical Tools

    Learn about budgeting, saving, credit management, and protecting your identity.

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Ready to Master Your Money?

Unlock your path to financial freedom with us!