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True Social Emotional Learning in Education

Social Emotional Learning in Education

The Challenge

The National Education Association says Social Emotional Learning (SEL) should be a priority during the COVID-19 crisis. This is because schools across the country are overwhelmed with K-12 students struggling with mental health problems. College students are also hurting, seeking mental health therapy on campus in increasingly larger numbers.

Most disturbingly, the number of mental health-related emergency department visits among adolescents aged 12–17 years is steadily rising.

Clearly, we are not just living in a COVID-19 crisis, but a mental health one as well. Professional care and counseling are needed. But according to data compiled by KFF, more than 129 million Americans live in areas with a documented shortage of mental healthcare professionals. This means even if someone is willing to receive care, it may not be accessible to them.

Incorporating SEL programming into schools can help students and teachers better navigate these tough times and improve their mental wellbeing. Additionally, SEL will provide your students with the tools they need for lifelong personal, academic, and professional success.

So, what exactly is Social Emotional Learning?

The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) defines SEL as the process through which all young people and adults acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Responsible Decision-Making
  • Relationship Skills

Amidst the challenges of our times, the importance of SEL cannot be overstated.


of teachers want a greater focus on SEL in schools.

(Source: CASEL and Civic)

Our Evidence-based Methodology

True Colors promotes an integrative and foundational programming approach for:

  • Promoting SEL for students
  • Supporting SEL competencies and capacity building for adults
  • Supporting SEL efforts across schools, families, and even communities

Our proprietary methodology is the bedrock from which to build an effective SEL program that can help all participants acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to achieve success in school, work, and life.

This is because True Colors is an evidence-based program that uncovers why people behave and react the way they do.

We take the most important concepts presented in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and distill them into a user-friendly, fun, and — most important — practical tool. We use colors to differentiate the four central primary personality types and teach how these types best interact with each other.

Using our proven methodology, we can help you develop a psychologically safe space and a shared language for your school. Students, teachers, and staff will consequentially better understand and relate to one another. They will increase their self-awareness, improve their communication skills, and elevate their empathy for others — all contributing to mental wellbeing and academic success.

The True Colors Process

Our Personal Success Workshop is a necessary first step for building SEL into academic instruction and environments. The shared experience during this foundational workshop can be customized to the needs and goals of your school.

This interactive, engaging, and life-changing workshop helps participants explore their own distinctive personality strengths and stressors, learn to respect and appreciate differences in the ways people function, and lay the foundation for meaningful relationships, effective communication, and decreased instances of conflict in their lives.



Plus, with more than 6,000 certified facilitators around the world, we can match you with a facilitator who:

  • Understands the needs of your school
  • Provides in-depth assessments and expert consulting
  • Customizes an approach grounded in True Colors methodology that best fits your culture, mission, and goals

We will design our offerings and consulting partnership to provide you with a robust SEL curriculum that best fits your needs. We focus on and improve such areas as:


  • SEL instruction

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Positive learning environment

  • College readiness

  • Increased college enrollment

  • Matriculation/graduation rates

  • Post-college success

  • Career Readiness

True Social Emotional Learning Program Outcomes

Shared Experience

Through our Personal Success Workshop and any additional programming, such as our popular Live Shows, participants come together in a fun, interactive way outside of their regular routines. This shared experience sets the foundation for the genuine relationship-building and the honest dialogue necessary to build community.

Elevated Empathy

With the help of True Colors, teachers and students will increase their capacity to understand and feel what another person is experiencing. They will better understand their fellow classmates’ motivations and fears. As a result of this elevated empathy, conflict in the classroom will be lessened and collaboration will naturally increase.

Increased Self-Awareness

Increased self-awareness of participants is a critical outcome of working with True Colors. We help teachers and students enhance their understanding of themselves and their classmates, improve their acceptance of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and to value their differences.

Improved Communication

True Colors SEL solution trains educators and students alike to use a shared language to communicate with one another more effectively and to work better in teams.

Additional Outcomes

  • Increased personal and professional effectiveness
  • Enhanced ability to see the big picture
  • Reduced conflict

  • Improved collaboration
  • Foundation for diversity, equity, and inclusion programming and initiatives

True Ongoing SEL Development

SEL in education

Once the Personal Success Workshop is completed, schools can choose to build upon what they have learned by continuing their True Colors journey. We offer a wide variety of workshops that explore specific areas in more depth.

Partnering with True Colors means we listen to your needs, help develop a plan to meet your goals, and work alongside your team to integrate a solid SEL program.